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Boston Facility

Clarendon Garage, 6th floor

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Are you in the Boston Area?  Unique is the best in the area. Unique Auto Detail & on the go started with Gil's passion for cars, he's been a car lover since he was a child. Working with cars was always he's dream. It came true 15 years ago, and since then our team has been making dreams come true in our customers lives as well. Professionalism, competence, a very engaged team who puts love, dedication and honesty first, and the result is just incredible on every project we do.

 Detailing Packages

There are 4 packages to choose from. Choose the best one that fits your needs and your budget.

  • SEDAN                                    $346

  • SUV'S                                       $401

  • LARGE SUV & TRUCK       $471


  • Full service Hand Wash

  • Handy dry 

  • Clay prep to remove harmful contaminants

  • 2 Step - Orbital Machine & Polish/Compound.

  • A Flawless finish to remove surface defects, swirl marks and light surface scratches 

  • Tar and bug removal

  • Hand wax with high quality CARNAUBA wax

  • Paint sealant that lasts up to 6 months of protection

  • Vinyl & rubber cleaned and protected

  • Rims

  • Tire Dressing


  • Complete Interior Vacuumed

  • Complete wipe-down + HIGH END Interior dressing with UV protection

  • Interior carpets Shampooed +trunk + floor mats and Cloth seats with Hot Water extractor that heats up to 200%

  • Deep clean and condition leather seats 

  • Steam cleaned for Heavier grime and Stains

  • Clean vents

  • Clean door jambs

  • Full dashboard and cup holders

  • All cracks and crevices are properly cleaned

  • Completely Disinfected and Sanitized

  • Windows Cleaned to Crystal Clear in and out





*​To unsure the best results, have all personal items removed from vehicle)

Deluxe Package

Our Deluxe Detail Service combines both Interior and Exterior detail in one convenient and discounted package.

SEDAN                                  $256

SUV                                         $271

LARGE SUV/TRUCK        $301

*​To unsure the best results, have all personal items removed from vehicle)

Interior Detail

SEDAN                           $185.50

SUV                                       $196


Vacuum and steam clean all interior including carpets. All cracks and crevices are properly cleaned. Completely Disinfected and Sanitized.

Complete wipe down and moisturized + UV protection. Vacuum and steam clean seats and trunk. Clean windows in and out. Leather Conditioner. 

*​To unsure the best results, have all personal items removed from vehicle)

Exterior package

Full service car wash. Carnauba or Nano hand wax with sealant. Clean rims and tire dressing. Clean windows. Exterior plastic treated. 

SEDAN                              $131

SUV                                    $171


AC and Vent Sanitization

All types of vehicle

Oil Change



(Up to 5 quart)

Additional Services

If you don’t see here the additional service you’re searching for, please contact us.

  • Pet Hair Removal              $50

  • Odor Removal                    $50

  • Vomit stain Removal       $70

  • Headlight Restoration    $25 per headlight

  • Pinstripe Removal    $ Price Upon Request

* Mobile Service Fee  $20 - $50  (based on distance) 

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