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The Full Story

Why Unique?

It all started with Gil's love for cars. Cars this and cars that. His obsession become a family passion. Professional, fast and efficient, Unique Auto Detail & On The Go has become a reputable and well knowing Auto Detailing Service.

Our Shop is a place you can trust. 

Our team is up for every job, with love and dedication on what we do. Do you miss the old days when your car had that fresh scent and the exterior was Bright and Shiny? No scratches, swirl marks, tree sap, or any other imperfection?

We can take you back to the old days, and make it look better then when you bought it. Can't come to us? That’s not a problem, we will bring our detail shop to you at the comfort of your home/work. We use our own water and electricity with our state of the art equipped van to provide unprecedented quality.

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To prioritize our customer's need and satisfation. Give back to our customers the feeling of driving a brand new car again. Provide high standard quality service to all our customers.


We want to be known as the best car spa shop in New England. We will be the most valuable business partners of all our customers.

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